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Projects for Chartered Accountant:

When you create an account, you'll be able to log in and upload your assignment.

Part-time Chartered Accountant applicants seeking positions:

Once you submit your project, you will be able to see who is interested in it and is prepared to accept your offer. If you wish to communicate further, have a look at their profiles and write them a message. Once you find a good Part-time CA Candidate, welcome him or her aboard.

Other Funds

When it comes to part-time CAs, you won't discover them if your cash reserves are all exhausted.

You will go to the "Funds" section, where you'll have the option to choose PayPal, Stripe, PayStack, or Razorpay to make a contribution.


Until the job is completed, we're placing the money in escrow. It's impossible to pay your part-time worker by transferring the money. Until a candidate is discovered to be working, the money will be kept in a separate account.


The best way to begin a dispute with Book Your Accountant is to talk with the Part-time Candidate first, as they will inform you of how to file a claim.

Once the funds are available in the Escrow account, the company will decide how to handle the money: whether to return it to the customer or provide it to the part-time CA applicant.


Looking for Chartered Accountant Projects

You can look for projects in which you seem fit with your skills. Then post a proposal where you will get a response from the Client.

Invited to Chartered Accountant Projects

At times a Client may invite you to do a project for him/her, you will get a notification concerning the Invite.

Building your Portfolio

Clients before they hire anyone, they always check their Portfolio, Work Experience, Education Experience and even About yourself. So remember to build your Portfolio.


Escrow is where the money will be held until the project is complete.

When you get hired , the money will not be sent to the your account, instead it will be held by the Book Your Accountant Company.


If at any time you have a problem with the Client, you can start a Dispute in which Book Your Accountant Company will have a dispute conversations between you and the Client.

The Book Your Accountant Company will decide if the the money from Escrow should be Returned to the Client or Awarded to the Part-time CA Candidate.

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